How to avoid breaking up with your most valued employees!

Break ups can be messy affairs. When key staff members decide to leave, the effects can be highly damaging to a company’s reputation, morale and bottom line. Antony Elkington, Managing Director of Trusted Recruiter, shares his tips for helping to stop employees parting ways with you.

How to avoid breaking up with your most valued employees this Valentines!

Not all of your employees may be happy in their jobs; some will be living out their dream position and enjoying every moment but others may want to take a break or leave completely.

Sometimes a key employee leaving is inevitable, however, sometimes it is preventable by recognising what is motivating the employee to leave or join a competitor.

Here are some of the reasons registering candidates tell us they are looking for a new challenge:

Feeling they aren’t valued

The vast majority of candidates registering with Trusted Recruiter explain that in some way, they do not feel valued by the company or their manager. Not everything needs to be rewarded with pay increases and sometimes, the best reward is a certificate, trophy or even verbal recognition. Why not try running monthly or quarterly recognition events to both incentivize and recognise employees?

Having a bad manager

Are you or your senior managers well trained not only in the industry or on your company’s products and services but also as a manager? Be careful not to underestimate the importance of people management skills; they can be as valuable, if not more so, as the attention paid to products, services or industry knowledge, especially when it comes to retaining those star employees.

They did not get a promotion

Many employees feel that they have been overlooked for a promotion. Understandably, not all staff can be promoted at any one time but it is always a good idea to offer training and development to support your staff in their future aspirations. You may also wish to assign them with tasks relating to their future career paths where possible. If you decide to cut your training budgets, you will see a company which is less efficient and productive.

Too much work

Many candidates express dissatisfaction with a lack of work/life balance, wishing to work fewer hours or those who work in a field based role finding themselves travelling more miles than they spend working. This can cause burn out and result in your employees leaving you. Regularly assess individuals’ workloads, hours worked and distance travelled and if necessary, bring in support.

Not enough Trust or Autonomy

Some of the most valued attributes are trust, honesty and fairness. A regular reason is a lack of trust, with employees believing management is not allowing them freedom and the ability to express themselves, resulting in a lot of pressure and the feeling of being heavily micromanaged. It may be worth providing staff more freedom if they are doing or even exceeding what has been asked of them?

Lack of company direction

Do you share company goals and plans with all employees, even those who may not be directly affected by them? There is no reason not to unless of course, they are too confidential. Every time someone new joins, ensure you communicate to them clearly what your company stands for and the role they play in helping the business achieve its objectives.

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